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It reveals how Jackson, who died three years ago, excluded his brothers and sisters from the estate – and so distrusted them that he preferred to appoint his mother Katherine and even Diana Ross as guardian of his children.

The document also asserted that Jackson was of ‘sound mind’, in stark contrast to speculation over his sanity during his eccentric life.

He was the only boy and his four sisters almost constantly antagonized him. "Jake you are a good looking, no, a great looking guy. I'm pathetic and worthless and," "Hey, stop that right now." Lindsey spat. Tell you what, how about you and I go out and I'll help you get a girl? Jake climbed in the shotgun seat and Jessica drove off. The girls began to set up towels and beach chairs while Jake fought the ice chest down to the spot on the sand they hand chosen. That is, that if you were to see a naked women in the flesh and in person it will take away some of the shock and awe value and make you less nervous talking to girl, because hell you've seen it before. "Look at me Jake." She said, stepping closer to him. You're my sister it's illegal and so wrong." Jake said. Her nipple were small but hard, and he felt the blood rush to his dick so fast he thought he'd faint.

Despite all the women in the house, and all the experience he had talking to girls, he had nearly zero luck with the opposite sex. He was a eighteen year old virgin growing up with some of the hottest girls ever and he couldn't use their advice to even talk to a girl and get himself a simple date. Look at you, I mean, you're trim, strong and you haven't had a zit on you since ninth grade. One their little area was set up Sandy and Jessica sat in a pair of beach chairs next to each other and began talking. Jessica saw the life grow in his pants too and she smiled. She dropped Jake's hand and bent down to put her top back on.

Allman likes to pick up the younger dog, Otis, and tell him things like, "You're a little puppy! " Otis was a recent birthday present from a group of Allman's friends.

They lured him to a local restaurant, telling him it would be a small affair, but when he arrived, 50 people surprised him and wheeled out a cake, and Otis was hiding behind it.

They called cocaine "vitamin C." During his brief marriage to Cher in the Seventies, Allman's alcohol and heroin problem was so out of control, he famously passed out, face-first, into a plate of spaghetti at a banquet.

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at the end of that series, hence Chibiusa being in grade 9 in the Parallel story. Yes, she was kissed by Seiya, (Not by choice though!

He and his sisters helped out by cooking and cleaning along with being fairly good students so as not to waste Jane's hard earned money. Jake, who was kneeling next to the ice chest catching his breath, took in the sight of his beautiful sister in her little bikini. They got home about a quarter to five and Sarah suggested ordering Chinese food, to which everyone agreed and gave her an order. "Uh, yeah sure." He stepped back from the door and let Jessica in. The reality of what he had just seen hit him like a cold bucket of water.

In it, we learn what has pitched Jackson’s children, mother and lawyers against his siblings.

The Chibiusa you see in the story is in fact, the one Usagi gives birth to, NOT the 30th century broad we grew to love in the rest of the series. ) but she stayed true to Mamoru and waited for him to return from the dead, again.

And, in an effort to ease confusion, Naoko did write in the lil' intro boxes the following: So contrary to popular fiction, Chibiusa is NOT a temporary character, Kousagi will NOT be born first and then die later leaving only Usagi and her court to remember the quadruple Odango tot, Chibiusa is in fact Kousagi's older sister. (Not that she knew he was dead again to begin with, but who's counting?


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