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’ The crew was spooked, and he had to tell them he couldn’t care less.

Meanwhile I was, like, ‘Hello, naked girl working over here!

She has served as the spokesperson for Farm Sanctuary’s “Adopt A Turkey” program, which suggests that people take in a turkey at Thanksgiving—instead of eating one.

And Jenna Dewan Tatum wasted no time showing off her skills as she spun around the red carpet at the Entertainment Weekly x People Magazine NY Upfront Party with Derek Hough.

Meanwhile the beauty recently finally admitted she used to date Justin Timberlake after being employed as his back-up dancer around 2002. Jenna's exact dress isn't available online but if you click right you'll find a super similar cobalt number just waiting to be snapped up.

She also advocates for pet adoption and reducing pet overpopulation.

Yet the third wheel, which he briefly seized, sent him plummeting into the water, but he seemed undeterred has he tossed aside his blue tank top and prepared to retry.

Once he found himself hanging from the second wheel and about to head for the third again, he hesitated for a while before taking taking the next jump.

Derek Hough net worth: Derek Hough is an American dancer, reality TV star and choreographer who has a net worth of million.

Derek Hough was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in May 1985.


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