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She became a young equestrian and began playing the role of Gracie Herbert when she was three years old.She recorded the Ponyo Theme Song with Frankie Jonas in 2009.Brandi and her brother Trace, 24, were adopted by Miley’s dad Billy Ray Cyrus when he and Tish got together.Billy Ray and Tish then had Miley, 21, a son Braison, 18 and another daughter Noah, 13.As home décor enthusiasts, we're particularly excited to peek inside her recently renovated and redecorated home.And lucky for us, she's inviting all the My Domaine readers to take a virtual tour today.With unexpected little nooks, exposed columns, and cozy hangouts around every corner, it feels like a tree-house hideaway from childhood that got a chic, adult-friendly makeover. Scroll through below for the grand tour of the eldest Cyrus sibling's home, and see how this country star turned her urban abode into a stylish Bohemian escape.This is one of Cyrus's favorite rooms in the entire house, and we can definitely see why.

Despite a brief cameo from Miley, it doesn't seem like the 24-year-old singer will be very involved at all. And it's not like there isn't plenty of drama to get into with the Cryuses — like I'D LOVE to get the inside scoop on what the heck is going on with Miley and Liam Hemsworth. Then Miley's other sister, Noah Cyrus, said they weren't married. I'm sick of the uncertainty, and I would give this new “Cyrus vs. Brandi Cyrus, 26, has emerged from the woodwork at the American Music Awards, looking like someone who “Miley should be looking up to both in behavior and fashion,” said one blogger.Brandi impressed in the style stakes, resembling the classy, conservative Miley Cyrus of not too many years ago.held at the T-Mobile Arena on Sunday (May 21) in Las Vegas.The 17-year-old singer is at the event as a presenter and we have a feeling that she will be introducing her older sister Miley‘s performance during the show. Mom Tish, dad Billy Ray, and sister Brandi are all there as well!Cyrus” the gift of my attention if I thought I would get answers. Cyrus: Design and Conquer” will premiere on Bravo on May 25. Her work can also be found in Buzz Feed, Cosmopolitan, and subtweets.


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